“Kill Darius” said King Alexander. #StrategyLesson

The year is 331 b.c. Alexander is still to become “Alexander the great.” Alexander has to fight a war against the king of Persia – Darius.

The war is very unbalanced and tilted in the favour of the Persian king Darius. Alexander’s army is outnumbered 20:1 in the battle against Darius. Furthermore, the Persian army is better equipped too. They have chariots and fancy weaponry.

Alexander realizes that it would be very hard to win against the Persian army. There is no way that Alexander could take on the might of Darius’ forces. So Alexander gives just one simple order to his soldiers:


Every soldier in Alexander’s force has one clear mission, one clear target: Darius. They go after that one target in full force when the war begins.

Their focus takes the Persian wing that protects Darius by surprise and Darius soon realizes what Alexander is up to. He flees to save his life. Seeing their commander and king run away, the other generals and soldiers flee too. And Alexander, with poor equipment and outnumbered soldiers, wins against the mighty Persians.

Alexander becomes “Alexander the great.”


Moral: Focus your energies. And you can move mountains.

Credits: Ankesh Kothari, The Rise of Alexander

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