Bajaj Electricals – My review on their newly launched website

Let’s start by reviewing the Home Page of Bajaj Electricals website

The home page is divided into two parts – Navigation menu on the left & Content on the right. This approach follows the top left to bottom right UI approach when a user browses the web. While the Navigation menu has a decent flat design pop-up, the content area features a slider based slideshow displaying the brand’s attachment to India. The beautiful part of this relationship is that Bajaj Electricals turned 20 when India celebrated its Independence Day on August 15th.

bajaj electricals review home page

The slider changes every 3 seconds to let the user know that there are multiple images in the slider. Each slider image showcases various aspects of the brands. Below the slider is a beautiful display of businesses Bajaj Electricals is present in.

The Navigation Menu

The sleek left based navigation menu has simple yet important links for navigation that are ideal for a corporate website such as Baja Electricals. The ‘About Us’ menu is clear & holds a good hierarchy of menu options starting with the group and then followed by the company, its mission & its values.

bajaj electricals review inside

The link on the menu is a showcase of the company’s businesses being the consumer appliances, Luminaries, EPC & Exports. The content appears to be SEO centric since the same navigation headers are a part of the home page. The intend to use multiple businesses on the home page is a good idea.

Other relevant links talk directly to the type of people who would potentially visit the Bajaj Electricals page. This would be the job seekers & investors.

People who would want to buy products from Bajaj have a quick link to Shop now in the navigation menu.

The search bar opens up a full page sleek search bar, however, I wouldn’t use it much on a B2B website. No harm done in having one there though. You never know a consumer. Ideally, one could measure the search bard metrics using Google Analytics event codes. But that, I could highlight on another tutorial.

The second level menu also have a page of their own unlike most companies who skip this page in entirety. The page called ‘Consumer Products’ also showcases a gist of the shop in the page whereas the product category pages like Breakfast & Snacks nested inside the consumer durables page also links to a blog article. This is cool! I would also recommend connecting product category icons to the shop in the third level category page.

Let’s get into the pages.

The ‘About the Group’ page features a simple and elegant. Below which once can find a display of icons with accomplishments. This is ideal when one wants the viewer to know about the group at a glance. Also, icons are faster at catching a viewer’s attention that a heavy set of paragraphs.

Below the icons is a set of top companies under the group which are highlighted with their logo and a set of other group companies below them.

When one visits the companies about section, you would notice the Indian-ness the brand strives to connect to. It’s hard to miss the quick links to the Vision & Values page & the Group Page. This kind of interlinking helps the user navigate with ease within the pages.

Below this is a beautiful display of the people who started the company along with their images followed by an attractive display marking the notable events in the company’s lifespan. My favorite part in the About us page was the timeline indeed.

The company has kept the Vision & Values page simple & have added an innovation of the Bajaj World Virtual Showrooms within the website. The 360* display of stores is quite exciting to play with.

The sections for Investors page follows a direct line of communication. For investors, the pages are grouped from the level of interest an investor or a shareholder would have when visiting this section. The interesting part here is that it appears they have added a stock ticker as the company is listed on the two top stock exchanges in the county. However, there is indeed some kind of risk involved when using such live tickers. Especially when the market is low, the ticker would turn red & this is not a good thing for investors on this particular page. Nevertheless, this is an interesting way to display a company’s potential for investors. It also tends to show that the company is bold enough to showcase its stock data on their own website. The rest of the data is clearly demarcated under a heading and thus the data appears to look neatly arranged on the page.

The Careers page is broken down into divisions and additionally featuring a few quick links in the form of anchor links within the page. Anchor links help in interlinking different part of the page. The most important part of the page – Current opening links to what almost looks like a custom job portal nested as a subdomain within the company website. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from such a large company.

The customer care menu shows a number and email id. However, I would recommend a contact us page here with the address, a form and a google map of the company’s corporate office in India.

Overall, to conclude, I’d say the Bajaj Electricals website has a decent site. I would now be interested in looking forward to the digital marketing efforts they use to promote the same.

Aniketh is a Digital Marketer. After co-founding the Digital Division at Beehive Communication (Now a part of Publicis) he moved over to Cogmat to build a Digital team where he served as Head of Operations for 3 years. In 2014, he set up Mindstorm - A Hybrid Digital Marketing Agency with an ambition to challenge convention & set new standards for the Digital Industry. He recently set a new goal for so as to create a new breed of Next Generation Hybrid Marketers.

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