How to catch up with Social Media every morning in under 15 mins!

Social Media news flows fast. Extremely fast. The trouble that most Digital Marketers find is that it becomes difficult to follow. I recently read an article by Preeti Hoon on what successful people read every morning & I felt I should be sharing my reads too!


At Mindstorm – The Hybrid Digital Agency, inductions include equipping new joinees to speed up gaining their knowledge of the industry by helping them access news in real time about new developments. To do this, one would usually have to spend countless hours browsing various websites. Currently, I’ve put a process in place to speed up learning based on a ‘hunger to learn approach’. Not everyone would consider learning these developments but for those who are excited to do so, here’s an easier method.

Step 1: Download 3 Apps.

  1. Feedly
  2. In Shorts
  3. ProductHunt

While ‘In Shorts’ & ProductHunt are straightforward, I keep myself updated with a variety of news pieces. ‘In Shorts’ helps me get a quick grasp of almost everything non-social but need-to-know news while ProductHunt & Feedly helps me with news I want-to-know. ProductHunt helps you learn about the new cool tools, apps on the web that can make your life easy. There are tons of tools and apps on the web to help and this is my source. Feedly, on the other hand, is actually a sleek RSS Reader. Which means you’d have to add news’ websites you’d want to follow by using the ‘+’ button. So here is a list of websites I keep my eyes on to stay updated. The only difference between you & me could be, I follow this pattern religiously.

Below is a quick video tutorial on how to add feeds to Feedly.

I primarily use Feedly on my phone to catch up with everything that’s happening. First, create an account and then add the above links I have shared with you on the go.

Feel free to share some of your sources in the comments section – will add them to the list with due credit. Have an insightful day!

Aniketh is a Digital Marketer. After co-founding the Digital Division at Beehive Communication (Now a part of Publicis) he moved over to Cogmat to build a Digital team where he served as Head of Operations for 3 years. In 2014, he set up Mindstorm - A Hybrid Digital Marketing Agency with an ambition to challenge convention & set new standards for the Digital Industry. He recently set a new goal for so as to create a new breed of Next Generation Hybrid Marketers.

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