All of Facebook’s Advertising Options in one Epic Infographic

Explore all of Facebook’s Advertising options in one epic infographic! I know it’s usually difficult for new media planners or clients to easily understand the options provided to us by Facebook so I would love to share this interesting infographic and make it an easy referral document. If you are new to Digital Advertising, you ought to know the fundamental structure which includes – account, campaign, ad set/group &ads/advert. Knowledge of this fundamental structure will help you create your ad plan in any major programmatic buying platform available on the digital web.

Aniketh is a Digital Marketer. After co-founding the Digital Division at Beehive Communication (Now a part of Publicis) he moved over to Cogmat to build a Digital team where he served as Head of Operations for 3 years. In 2014, he set up Mindstorm - A Hybrid Digital Marketing Agency with an ambition to challenge convention & set new standards for the Digital Industry. He recently set a new goal for so as to create a new breed of Next Generation Hybrid Marketers.

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