What Steve Jobs & Hitler have to teach us about Personal Branding

Have you ever considered branding yourself? If you have decided to become a marketer no matter whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, you’ve got to learn the basic lesson. You cannot be one if you do not know how to brand yourself.

Branding is a lot to do with relentlessly being able to hammer the same visual in the eye of the perceiver to create a new meaning. It might not be appealing and you might not really like it. But it becomes a symbol of which you or your brand might be remembered with.

Below are snippets of people who groomed themselves to build an image & a reputation.


How Hitler branded himself

Watch this piece from the movie – Hitler – The Rise. The scenes are divided into two parts. One, where Hitler is being briefed about branding himself. Second, where he presents his new symbol at a get-together.

If you’ve got more time, watch the whole movie later – It’s exciting.

How Steve Jobs branded himself

Steve Jobs visited the Sony factory in Japan in the early 1980s. And he is surprised to see that all the factory workers wear a standard uniform. So Jobs asks Sony’s chairman Akio Morita why everyone in Sony wore a uniform. And Akio Morita tells him that after World War 2, many people didn’t have clothes, and companies like Sony had to give them uniforms to wear every day. Over the years, these uniforms became a bonding mechanism for the company. They gave a feeling of belonging to the workers. And made them more loyal and productive.

Steve Jobs loves this idea and wants to create the same feeling of bonding amongst Apple and its employees. So he calls the fashion designer Issey Miyake and asks him to create a vest that all Apple employees could wear. But when Jobs mentions this idea of wearing the same vests to his employees, he is booed. No one likes the idea.

However, Jobs still sees the merits of having a uniform. And so, he asks Issey Miyake to create a personal uniform for himself. Issey Miyake creates the signature black turtleneck and blue jeans. And that’s what Steve Jobs started wearing everyday!

“One more thing” & the Steve Jobs Turtle Neck Tee with Denims

Spotting Mark Zuckerberg

Ever seen Mark Zuckerberg on stage? Did you know he carries the same look almost everywhere when on video? Read those photo descriptions below.

Zuckerberg spotted at Tsinghua University
The F8 Conference
Spotted at IIT, Delhi

The way you wish to carry yourself will contribute to building your brand forever

Would you still ask your company if there exists a dress code? Don’t dress up just because your company says so. Do so because you want to be a part of something bigger.

Ready to brand yourself? Start by recreating your own look. If you happen to spot me somewhere, you’ll notice me wearing a full sleeve formal shirt with a denim, wearing a Tissot watch, carrying a fountain pen from Cross, an iPhone 6, a Macbook Air in a brown leather sling bag and black formal shoes.

Do share your idea of the look that fits you? Maybe it would help others & me reading through this post!

Aniketh is a Digital Marketer. After co-founding the Digital Division at Beehive Communication (Now a part of Publicis) he moved over to Cogmat to build a Digital team where he served as Head of Operations for 3 years. In 2014, he set up Mindstorm - A Hybrid Digital Marketing Agency with an ambition to challenge convention & set new standards for the Digital Industry. He recently set a new goal for Aniketh.com so as to create a new breed of Next Generation Hybrid Marketers.

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