Content is King, Design is Queen but Conversation is Sex!

Digital Marketers have for long spoken about Content & Design. Great content (in actual sense – content that passes the “I have to tell someone” test) leads to increased interactions, curiosity & excitement. Design started to gain importance when marketers began focussing on how it user interface & user experience played an important role in Content Marketing. This led to the famed title – Content is King & Design is Queen.


I’d want to introduce the third element that’s crucial for brands in the Digital Space. These are CONVERSATIONS. While Content & Design are planned forms of communication to showcase a promotion, Conversations are those that happen in real-time to enhance & build buzz about your Brand, Product or Service. Conversations use Content & Design to leverage chaos & hence contribute to overcome the limitations of social media platforms which are mostly used as mere publishing platforms.

We recently ran an experiment to show one of our clients the potential of using “conversations” for their brand in the Digital Space & below were the results. We ran the experiment for a month and then compared the results to that of the previous two months. The earlier two months included Content & Design-focussed updates. They also managed mentions & responded actively. The experiment added a series of tactical conversations techniques in order to leverage chatter that created an increased buzz about the brand.

Impact of Conversations

From the above table you can observe that the month of August was a special month for our client in terms of their Digital Reach. Not only were we able to generate a 1000% increase in reach but we also managed to generate leads, gather insight on potential leads, increase curiosity, generate conversions, received media requests for coverage etc. Overall it was an exciting experience! We concluded that enabling exciting conversations have a power that is far greater than creating content which is planned several days in advance.

Now to the obvious question. What made me call Conversations as Sex!

Unlike Content & Design, Conversations are the ones that give Life to our Brand. They enable brands to create Brand Personality when they connect with their customers. They facilitate in building a community that can amplify their buzz on their own favorite social media platforms. This allows for cross channel social media marketing.

Below are a few examples of exciting conversations on the web. We’d like to update these often, so if you spot any, please feel free to share them in the comments so that we can update this article.

Aniketh is a Digital Marketer. After co-founding the Digital Division at Beehive Communication (Now a part of Publicis) he moved over to Cogmat to build a Digital team where he served as Head of Operations for 3 years. In 2014, he set up Mindstorm - A Hybrid Digital Marketing Agency with an ambition to challenge convention & set new standards for the Digital Industry. He recently set a new goal for so as to create a new breed of Next Generation Hybrid Marketers.

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